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As Televic ventured into the North American market, SPRYY assumed responsibility for formulating a comprehensive marketing engagement strategy capable of effectively reaching diverse and segmented audiences. An essential objective was to achieve brand coherence with the overarching global Televic brand while driving organic growth and positioning Televic as a leader amidst its competitors, through web development, email and social marketing.

Central to the strategy was the alignment of Televic’s brand identity, accomplished through the strategic dissemination of content tailored to three key segments: feature/solution, product launch, and application/success stories. These segments served as the foundation for content creation, enabling the engagement of the target audience through a well-rounded and consistent stream of monthly content.

The pivotal focus on building a robust contact database and establishing meaningful relationships played a critical role in fostering financial gains and exerting influence within the market. By consistently delivering diversified and engaging content, SPRYY aimed to position Televic at the forefront of its industry, driving organic growth and bolstering its competitive standing in North America.

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