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Mapelle Films, A&E, Magic Latern Pictures


Mapelle Films, A&E, Magic Latern Pictures


UPM, AP, Camera Op, Gaffer, Drone Op, DoP


SPRYY has a portfolio of projects encompassing narrative filmmaking and documentaries. Our expertise lies in skillfully collaborating with esteemed writers, directors, and cinematographers to transform scripted and non scripted stories into vivid realities with a strong cinematic vision. Adaptability is a cornerstone of our approach, whether we are orchestrating productions on vast sound stages or navigating resource limitations on location shoots. Completing principal photography in tandem with an entire crew is a process we are well-acquainted with, as it can span weeks or even months for a comprehensive narrative feature film or documentary. Our team is no stranger to the intricacies of this extensive undertaking, ensuring a seamless and successful execution of each project we undertake.

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