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Amidst the business world’s recovery from the 2020 Pandemic, sought to raise awareness about their specialized services aiding businesses in claiming federal tax credits available nationwide. Urgency was paramount, prompting the CEO’s desire to take a prominent role in the campaign. Stepping in to bring this vision to life, SPRYY collaborated closely with the agency’s creative team, assuming a leadership role in the process during all phases of video production.

Navigating the complexities of coaching our CEO talent through intricate dialogue delivery while traversing the meticulously crafted, artfully decorated settings presented a formidable challenge. Moreover, given the constraints of 30-second media buys, the ‘oner’ stylized approach added to the campaign’s intricacy. However, through seamless teamwork and client collaboration, the campaign came together cohesively, culminating in a successful realization of the envisioned creative. We take immense pride in our contribution to this accomplishment.

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