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Cobra Puma Golf




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Since its inception in 1973, Cobra Golf has been motivated by the recognition that golfers in the United States frequently acquired clubs impulsively, aspiring for an enhancement of their gameplay. In 2005, Cobra drivers achieved the distinguished position of being ranked No. 1 in Overall Driver Satisfaction Ratings for consecutive years, 2003 and 2004, as substantiated by the esteemed Darrell Survey U.S. Consumer Research—an independent authority in golf consumer research. To leverage this market appeal, a strategic approach involved aligning proficient golfers with professionals of the likes of Ricky Fowler.

The production process encountered a multifaceted challenge due to the ongoing manufacturing alterations the product was undergoing. Moreover, specific intricate product details showcased in the project were captured months apart. Despite these intricacies, our collaboration with agency partners resulted in the successful creation of a compelling national advertisement. Through astute coordination and ingenuity with our director and cinematographer, the project effectively conveyed the product’s merits and translated them into a resonating visual narrative.

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