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Web Development, Email Campaign, Social Media Design, Development and Management


AlarmQuest, a regional security company specializing in business and residential installations, sought a marketing partner to facilitate a smooth transition away from their previous agency in a multi-phased migration. SPRYY was assigned the crucial responsibilities of overhauling AlarmQuest’s entire website through web development redesign and devising a new content development strategy for both internal communications and external social campaigns.

The outcome of this collaboration was threefold. Firstly, SPRYY successfully executed a responsive and contemporary redesign of AlarmQuest’s website, optimizing it for enhanced SEO performance. Secondly, an internal email marketing campaign was implemented to foster a stronger corporate culture within the organization. Lastly, a comprehensive social media content strategy was devised, positioning AlarmQuest as a leading expert brand voice, thus garnering organic traction across various social channels.

The combined efforts of SPRYY and AlarmQuest resulted in a noteworthy achievement, elevating the company’s online presence, strengthening internal communication, and establishing a prominent position in the industry through their authoritative social media voice.

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